Trump reveals the real threat to democracy

by Lauren Bratton

President Trump spoke on Saturday to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters during his second rally of the day, this time in Richmond, Virginia.

The 45th President ripped into the Biden administration for its radical policies that have destroyed the country. He provided a brief overview of the multiple political prosecutions that have been brought against him.

He told the crowd that Biden and the Democrats were “weaponizing law enforcement for high-level election interference because they can’t get elected otherwise.”

He continued, asking the audience, “How can you get elected with high interest rates, bad education, open borders, bad elections—horrible fraudulent elections—you can only do it by cheating.”

Trump said that targeting a political opponent had not happened in the United States before, “but it happens in banana republics and third-world countries.”

Trump noted that the “real threat to democracy in this country” was “Joe Biden and his fascists that control him.” He mocked the Democrats for continuously saying that he was a threat to democracy, telling the crowd, “I’m the one that’s ending the threat to democracy.”

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