Trump RIPS ‘corrupt education cartel,’ promises to ‘SAVE OUR KIDS’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump ripped the “corrupt education cartel” of the radical left during an exciting Friday night rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

“It’s time to finally and completely smash the radical left’s corrupt election cartel!” he said. “Our children are captives to unhinged Marxist educators – where did they come from?”

He added that these Marxist educators are pushing “inappropriate sexual, racial and political material on our children from the youngest possible age – it’s not even believable!”

“Every parent must be empowered to opt-out” of these schools and take their children to a public, private, charter, or homeschool of their choice, he continued, drawing cheers of support from the audience.

“In addition, we will get CRT out of our schools…,” Trump went on. “…And no teacher should ever be allowed to teach transgender to our kids without parental consent!”

Trump also roasted “Big Pharma” for giving out puberty blockers to children, urging Republicans to crack down on the pharmaceutical industry when they retake Congress.

“We will SAVE OUR KIDS,” Trump stated firmly. “And every federal bureaucrat who was complicit in this travesty needs to be immediately fired.”

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