Trump rips ‘disloyal’ DeSantis for running against him, talks nail in the coffin

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

While speaking to supporters during a Team Trump Iowa Commit to Caucus campaign rally in Mason City, Iowa, on Friday, President Donald Trump slammed his primary opponent Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as being “disloyal.”

Trump maintained that he got DeSantis “elected” governor in 2018, saying his opponent “begged” for his endorsement, and he “went up like a rocket ship” and won the primaries and, ultimately, the general election.

The 45th president added that four years after helping DeSantis, the governor turned against him to run in the 2024 Republican primaries in a move of disloyalty.

“That was the end of him,” said Trump, who highlighted his beating DeSantis and former S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley in the most recent poll taken among Floridians.

“I’m at 89, and he’s at nine,” said Trump. “And now I guess he’s fighting for second place, isn’t he? They’re both fighting [DeSantis and Haley] for second place. You can have either one of them, globalists.”

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