Trump senior advisor weighs in on historic MAGA Speaker victory

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Trump Senior Advisor Boris Epshteyn weighed in on the historic MAGA victory that took place on Capitol Hill this week as Republicans in Congress unanimously united to elect a 56th Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La.

While speaking with Steve Bannon on “War Room,” Epshteyn explained that Johnson’s victory was a “historic day” and a “huge day for MAGA, huge day for America.”

He continued, “…While the Republicans in Congress coalesce behind President Trump and pick a strong MAGA conservative to be the next Speaker, unanimously, [with] 220 votes…while that is going on, what you have is radical Democrats continuing to attack President Trump using lawfare and weaponization and using a completely discredited and embarrassed former attorney, liar, [and] convicted perjurer…lying about lying…”

Epshteyn was referring to the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York City, where President Trump is facing accusations from New York State Attorney General Letitia James that he allegedly overinflated the worth of his business endeavors.

The “embarrassed former attorney, liar [and] convicted perjurer” Epshteyn was alluding to was Michael Cohen, an ex-attorney who testified at the trial this week. Per RSBN, Cohen admitted in court that he had not been asked to inflate the numbers of Trump’s personal financial statements.

Epshteyn said of this week’s events, “President Trump showing his strength today as always, speaking truth to power…Now, once again, underscoring his strength, his authenticity, and the power of MAGA.”

Rep. Johnson’s victory in earning the speakership is a considerable win for MAGA conservatives in America. Johnson was previously on Trump’s impeachment defense team. The Wall Street Journal reported that Johnson additionally supported a Texas lawsuit that sought to challenge the validity of the 2020 presidential election, which was rife with allegations of fraud and irregularities.

On Wednesday, President Trump congratulated Rep. Johnson from outside the doors of the NYC courtroom, telling the press that he had known the new Speaker for a long time and that “he’s going to make us all proud.”

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