Trump serves up food and smiles in Texas for Thanksgiving

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump arrived in Edinburg, Texas, on Sunday morning, where he served up food and smiles to National Guardsmen and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers for Thanksgiving. The president was joined by Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas.

President Trump smiled and took pictures with the troopers and guardsmen in line, chatting amicably with each person who came down the line. Serving food to Lone Star service members is a longstanding tradition.

Gov. Abbott is expected to endorse Trump on Sunday amid the president’s 2024 reelection campaign.

As reported by RSBN, President Trump is the dominant GOP primary candidate in the Lone Star State, leading the field of prospective candidates by a wide margin. In fact, the president’s lead amounts to dozens of points.


“According to CWS Research/Defend Texas Liberty, Trump has captured 58 percent of support in the Lone Star State, giving him a 47-point lead over former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who netted 11 percent of support.”

Texas has been hit hard by the southern border crisis, and securing the border has become a cornerstone of President Trump’s Agenda47 as the general election looms less than one year away.

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