Trump sets forth freedom-forward agenda in Hawkeye State, teases upcoming rallies

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump worked the campaign trail on Saturday in Iowa, delivering back-to-back speeches, starting in Ankeny and ending in Cedar Rapids. His speeches centered heavily on protecting Iowa farming and the ethanol industry, as well as recapturing American greatness despite the Biden administration’s freefall into destruction.

The president promised to end the “reign” of tyranny inflicted on the country, pledging that with him in the White House in 2025, “America will be a FREE NATION once again.”

President Trump told the crowd of energized supporters, “…In 2016, you voted to stand up to those liars, losers, crooks, and creeps—and you elected an outsider as your president and it was about AMERICA FIRST.”

He criticized the Biden administration and the Department of Justice for their unrelenting legal attacks against him, remarking, “Before Crooked Joe, no president in history ever weaponized the full force of the Justice Department, local attorney generals and district attorneys against American citizens or people running for office.”

He pointed out that he had pulled in $28 billion for U.S. farmers during his administration and added, “I was your ethanol champion for four years.”

Trump also noted that while in office, he appointed almost 300 federal judges and three Supreme Court justices. And, on the world stage, he noted how he had kept peace around the globe while in the White House.

“For four straight years, I kept AMERICA safe, I kept ISRAEL safe, I kept UKRAINE safe, none of this stuff would have happened! And I kept the ENTIRE WORLD safe—and we will again as the 47th President of the United States!” he continued.

He promised to “prevent World War Three” and totally secure the southern border.

During his remarks, President Trump touched on the dire state of America’s election systems, stating that he believed Republicans and conservatives had won states like New York for years, but “these elections are rigged – our elections are totally rigged.”

He continued, “The radical left democrats rigged the presidential election of 2020 and we’re not going to allow them to rig the presidential election of 2024 and destroy our country totally.”

With the 2024 Republican primary season just weeks ago, he offered a fun foreshadowing of the upcoming campaign season, which will include his signature MAGA rallies. “We’re going to start them when the weather gets warmer,” he teased.

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