Trump shines at Black Conservative Federation Honors Gala: ‘We’ve ENERGIZED the Republican Party’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump brought the house down on Friday night at the Black Conservative Federation Honors Gala, where he gave keynote remarks to a crowd of patriots gathered in South Carolina.

The president was welcomed warmly by the gala attendees. He took the stage and joked that “Crooked Joe Biden’s worst nightmare” was a room full of “hundreds of proud Black conservative Americans.”

The room erupted into laughter.

The president foreshadowed the 2024 election, alluding that it could be “greater and probably more important even than 2016,” and added, “this is going to be something very, very special.”

He added, “We’ve ENERGIZED the Republican Party.”

President Trump pointed out that in 2020, he increased his share of the Black vote by “50 percent” and said, “We’re REALLY honored by it.”

“There are MORE Black Republicans serving in the U.S. House of Representatives today than at any time since the 1870s,” he shared.

The president also pointed out that “every day we’re welcoming more Black voters back home to the Republican Party, the party of LINCOLN.”

Trump additionally honored attendees and speakers like Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and Dr. Ben Carson. He noted that Black conservatives in attendance, together, would help Republicans “reclaim the party of Frederick Douglas.”

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