Trump slams Fox, renames them ‘DeSanctimonious Network’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a swipe at Fox News this week in comments posted to Truth Social, where he accused the network of blatantly pushing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on American voters.

“Just watching FoxNews,” he wrote. “They are sooo bad, just like the Globalist Wall Street Journal and the now, way down, New York Post.”

Trump continued, “They are desperately pushing DeSanctimonious who, regardless, is dropping like a rock. He’s even down 20 points in Florida, which was third worst in Covid, & where I got 1.2 million more votes than he did. RINO Mark Thiessen, a Bush flunky, is constantly on pushing DeSanctus, giving bad info.”

Although Gov. DeSantis has not officially announced his intentions to run for the presidency in 2024, his latest travel adventures abroad in Japan, Israel, and the U.K. have cast him into the international spotlight.

“Fox News is way down in the Ratings,” Trump continued on Truth Social. “After firing Tucker Carlson and refusing to fight against a VERY Corrupt and Rigged 2020 Presidential Election, which just cost them plenty of money, prestige, and RATINGS, they are a far cry from what they used to be. FoxNews has become the DeSanctimonious Network, but it will never work because he doesn’t have the goods.”

RSBN previously reported that Trump has held a dominant lead in most GOP 2024 political polls. For example, Co-efficient conducted a survey that found Trump held a 33-point lead over a field of Republicans, including Gov. DeSantis, who netted 19 percent of support for the 2024 Republican Party nomination.

Speaking about DeSantis, Trump added, “Without my Endorsement, he was a dead man walking. Even with Fox, he’s already pretty close to that again!”

It is unclear if or when Gov. DeSantis will announce a 2024 bid for the presidency at this time.

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