Trump slams Iran, warns that America is ‘SO CLOSE’ to World War III

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump gave voice to the concerns of Americans everywhere who are worried that the United States is peering into the abyss of World War III, slamming Iran’s increasing strength and the ongoing violent conflict in the Middle East.

Trump pointed out that a “level of ferocity” existed in the world right now that didn’t exist during his presidency. “…It’s a very, very bad thing.”

The president spoke on the topic of Israel, Iran, and beyond in Adel, Iowa on Monday, cautioning heavily against the Iranian governments’ move to build up their nuclear arsenal.

During Trump’s administration, he negotiated heavily with Iran but made it clear that the country had to lay down their weapons. He explained, “We want[ed] no nuclear weapons…we don’t want them to have a nuclear weapon, and they are now weeks away from having a nuclear weapon…and once they have a nuclear weapon, you’re not going to be able to even discuss anything with them.”

He lamented the loss of the United States’ negotiating power with Iran at the behest of the Biden administration, stating that during a Trump administration, “They were ready to make a deal…they would have been happy, okay?”

The 45th president also explained that Iran had over “$100 billion” from selling oil to other countries, including China. He further noted that Iran has a “very big army.”

Trump stated that the United States was “SO CLOSE” to being involved in World War III.

He blamed Biden’s “gross incompetence” and said that when it comes to winning the 2024 election with a resounding strategic victory, “If you don’t learn from history, you’re a fool.”

He concluded, “We’ve got to win this election, or I’ll tell you what…just lasting another year is almost impossible to think.”

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