Trump slams ‘Fake News’ NYT story ‘leaked by Deranged Jack Smith’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump on Sunday hit back at a story published by The New York Times that detailed a colorful story about his alleged friendship with an Australian businessman, Anthony Pratt.

The president said that the story had been “leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden ‘Political Opponent Abuser’ DOJ” on Truth Social.

Trump explained, “The Failing New York Times story, leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden ‘Political Opponent Abuser’ DOJ, about a red haired weirdo from Australia, named Anthony Pratt, is Fake News.”

The New York Times’ story, titled “A President, a Billionaire, and Questions About Access and National Security,” claimed that Pratt, “one of Australia’s wealthiest men, made his way into Donald Trump’s inner circle with money and flattery.”

The crux of the story rests on alleged interviews that federal prosecutors have conducted with Pratt at the behest of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

In the NYT story, written by Ben Protess, Jonathan Swan, Maggie Haberman, and Alen Feuer, they alleged, “In his interviews with prosecutors, Mr. Pratt recounted how Mr. Trump once revealed to him sensitive information about American nuclear submarines, an episode that Mr. Trump denies.”

Trump has previously slammed his ongoing legal woes.

Indeed, the odd mosaic of allegations contained in the NYT story has been strongly refuted by President Trump.

On Truth Social, he continued, “I never spoke to him about Submarines, but I did speak to him about creating jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania, because that’s what I’m all about – JOBS, A GREAT ECONOMY, LOW TAXES, NO INFLATION, ENERGY DOMINANCE, STRONG BORDERS, NO ENDLESS WARS, LOW INTEREST RATES, and much more!”

Per Axios, Pratt is one of 84 possible witnesses in the ongoing federal case centered on alleged “classified” documents that were in the possession of President Trump and taken from Mar-a-Lago last summer.

In his statement on Truth Social, the president remarked that Maggie Haberman “and the misfits” had not called to ask him for a comment on the story.

He concluded, “Why would they, they just write anything they want. Whether it’s correct or not is of ZERO importance to them. ‘All the News That’s Unfit To Print.’ That’s why we call it the Fake News!”

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