Trump SLAMS ‘racist’ Joe Biden: ‘Let’s tell it like it IS!’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump pulled out the receipts on Friday evening in South Carolina, where he keynoted the Black Conservative Federation Honors Gala, speaking to energetic supporters and patriots just one day away from the state’s GOP primary.

He slammed “Crooked Joe Biden” for being a “racist,” laying out his murky history in U.S. government. “Biden’s spent years palling around with notorious segregationists,” Trump pointed out. “…He boasted that his state was a slave state.”

According to NBC News, Biden worked with segregationists while in the U.S. Senate during the 1970s.

Trump also brought up the fact that Biden openly stated that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” Indeed, Biden actually said this in 1977, when he stated that de-segregated schools buses would force children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”

Further, the president reminded the crowd that Biden’s 1994 crime bill “devastated the Black community” and “Black families.”

Trump remarked that when it came to Biden’s “racist” history: “LET’S TELL IT LIKE IT IS.”

The room exploded with applause as the audience began chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

Trump added that as a businessman in New York, he had spent his “entire life” working “hand in hand” with Black Americans while expanding his businesses, investing in his community, and building great buildings.

“A Black worker is a GREAT worker,” he said.

He vowed, “That’s my promise to you as a president: I will go to work for you every single day. I will not quit until the American dream is thriving for YOU and for every single citizen in our land!”

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