Trump speaks to NRA members: ‘Your second amendment will always be safe with me as your president’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Courtesy of the Trump Campaign

President Donald Trump received a warm welcome in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Friday night at the NRA Presidential Forum, where he vowed to protect the Second Amendment and warned against the dangers of Joe Biden’s continued leadership in the United States.

Trump declared to a packed auditorium full of NRA members, “It was my honor to be the best friend gun owners have ever had in the White House by far… Now I stand before you with a very simple promise: your Second Amendment will always be safe with me as your president!”

He vowed, “When I’m back in the Oval Office no one will lay a finger on your firearms – not going to happen!”

The president also gave a nod to his historic victory in Nevada on Thursday night, where he swept the GOP caucus in a massive win of nearly 100 percent of the votes. “We got more votes than any candidate in the history of the Nevada caucus!” he said.

President Trump further warned against Joe Biden’s continued feckless leadership in the White House, ominously stating, “If Crooked Joe gets four more years his second term will make his first term look like paradise.”

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