Trump stresses same-day voting ahead of historic midterms

by Samantha Flom

With Election Day swiftly approaching, President Donald J. Trump is stressing the importance of voting in person rather than via absentee ballot.

“We’re just 31 days from the most important midterm election in American history, and we need a landslide so big that the radical left cannot rig it or cannot steal it,” Trump noted Saturday at a Save America rally in Minden, Nevada.

Calling the Democrats “cheating dogs,” he continued, “Early voting begins Oct. 22, but far better than voting by mail-in ballot … Go to the booth. Go on Election Day and vote in person on Election Day. It makes it much harder for them to cheat.”

Many questions have been raised as to the legality of universal mail-in voting and the use of ballot drop boxes in the wake of the 2020 election.

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the use of such drop boxes is illegal now and was during the election. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Delaware Supreme Court found universal mail-in voting and same-day registration to be unconstitutional under the state’s constitution.

Noting that such measures could open elections up to potential cheating, Trump encouraged his supporters Saturday to vote and get involved to ensure their elections remain fair and secure.

“Whatever you do, get your friends, get your family, and get out and vote,” he urged. “And if you care about election integrity, volunteer as an election worker, poll watcher, or poll challenger.”

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