Trump strongly REFUTES media’s claim that he was Covid positive prior to 2020 debate with Joe Biden

by Ryan Meilstrup

The media has claimed that Trump knew of his Covid-19 diagnosis before he debated Biden in October 2020, thus putting Biden in danger of contracting the virus.

Not true according to Trump.

Trump released a statement in which he said, “The Fake News continues to push the false narrative that I had Covid prior to the first debate.”

Trump continued, “My Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed I did not have Covid before or during the debate, and yet, the way that the media wants to spin it is certainly to be as negative about Donald Trump as they possibly can while giving Joe Biden a pass.”

Trump then highlighted the media’s double standard as it relates to Joe Biden’s health and failure to abide by CDC guidelines, when he said, “Biden goes around coughing on people all over the place, and yet the Corrupt News doesn’t even cover it.”

Indeed, Joe Biden has been caught without a mask on several occasions and was recently seen having a coughing fit at the podium during a speech at the White House.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Biden was spotted without his mask on at a Nantucket store which instructed customers to wear a mask.

Earlier in November, Biden was once again without a mask as he shook hands and posed for selfies at a General Motors plant in Detroit. Then, while American employees have been told to stay home from work if they are sick, the cold-stricken Joe Biden packed his schedule over the weekend which included a maskless public dinner in D.C. and attended the Kennedy Center Honors in our nation’s capital.

This wasn’t the first time Biden was spotted maskless during a night out on the town. In October, Joe and Jill Biden were seen without masks at a Washington D.C. restaurant, defying the Democrat-run city’s indoor mask mandate.

Videos that circulated on social media showed the Bidens’ flagrant disregard for mask-wearing that Biden has mandated others to do and is required by the city. While Joe and Jill Biden went without masks, secret service agents donned theirs.

The hypocritical scene of the maskless Bidens happened as the two were leaving Fiola Mare, an expensive seafood establishment, in Georgetown, the New York Post reported.

And in January, within hours of signing an executive order on Inauguration Day mandating that masks be worn on federal property, Joe Biden was seen not wearing a mask at the Lincoln Memorial as well.

President Trump is once again justified by facts in calling out Joe Biden and the media’s hypocrisy.

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