Trump supports Texas and tours the southern border with Gov. Abbott: ‘This is like a war’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday afternoon, where he met with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to tour the “military operation” that has been kick-started there to secure the border.

“It’s a military operation,” Trump said during scheduled remarks. “…It’s an amazing job.”

He eviscerated Joe Biden’s horrific border policies that have allowed for the illegal migration of millions of unvetted foreigners into the United States, resulting in rising crime and out-of-control drug and human trafficking.

“This is an incredible operation,” Trump continued.

He also revealed that he had spoken to the parents of Laken Riley this week, the slain 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela.

“Joe Biden will NEVER say Laken Riley’s name, but WE will say it and we’re not going to forget it,” Trump said.

Trump said that Riley’s parents were “devastated beyond belief,” and also pointed out a list of other horrific violent crimes that have exploded across the nation at the hands of illegal migrants.

“The blood of countless innocent victims” are on Joe Biden’s hands, Trump told the press.

After touring the southern border with Gov. Abbott and a host of Texas Border Patrol and National Guard, Trump said, “This is like a war. This is a military operation.”

In closing his remarks, Gov. Abbott took the podium for a moment and pointed out that Joe Biden simply “does not care about what’s going on in Texas,” pointing to Biden’s isolated and late-to-the-game border visit that was scheduled in Brownsville.

“The United States of America is dealing with more deadly consequences than we have in my entire lifetime because of Joe Biden’s policies on the border,” Abbott stated.

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