Trump: ‘The People don’t just want to see us WIN power, they want to see us USE power’

by Laura Ramirez

President Trump this week outlined every legislative action Republican lawmakers must act on once the GOP obtains a House majority. Trump warned the GOP that simply winning congressional seats is not enough. Instead, the American people “want to see us USE power.”

“But to win the landslide victory that is within our reach, it is not enough just to make the argument. The People don’t just want to see us WIN power, they want to see us USE power,” Trump said at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) gala last weekend in Florida.

“At the first possible chance, the Republican Party should END Joe Biden’s border crisis. It’s very simple: until they end catch-and-release, stop asylum fraud, restore Remain in Mexico, allow ICE and Border Patrol to do their jobs, and finish the wall which could take one month, not a SINGLE Biden political appointee at the White House or the Department of Homeland Security should get paid. NO BORDER, NO PAYCHECK,” said the 45th president.

Trump continued by encouraging the GOP to seize every opportunity to pass legislation that would make China pay “trillions of dollars for unleashing the virus,” pass tariffs on foreign trade “abusers” in order to “re-shore our supply chains,” and push back against the transgender ideology enforced by Democrat leaders.

“You [GOP] should insist that children be taught that biological sex is determined at birth—there are Men, and there are Women,” he emphasized.

Similarly, Trump urged Republican leaders to fully ban Critical Race Theory and protect American suburbs from “Biden’s CRT-inspired housing agenda.”

The 45th president also took a hit at Big Tech giants, saying the GOP should stop federal funding of all “Big Tech Monopolies.”

Trump concluded by saying that, most importantly, Republicans should focus on election integrity laws to ensure elections are “UNRIGGABLE.”

If elections are able to be rigged, then Republicans attempts at gaining power will be futile.

“These are the kinds of bold ideas House Republicans should RUN on and WIN on,” he added. “But none of it will matter if we do not do one thing: pass a comprehensive election security overhaul that includes nationwide photo ID, chain of custody protection, signature verification, citizenship confirmation, and importantly, ensuring that every election can be fully and quickly AUDITED. And especially, if you could get it, same day voting. One day, you vote, and the election’s over. We have to make elections UN-RIGGABLE.”

“Remember, we are not the ones trying to undermine American Democracy—we are the ones trying to SAVE American Democracy,” Trump concluded.

Highlights of President Trump’s remarks at the NRCC gala can be viewed here:

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