Trump touts ‘$1.87 per gallon gasoline, Energy Independence & soon Energy DOMINANCE’

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump presented a powerful contrast between America under the Trump administration and America under the Biden administration on Friday.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the 45th president wrote, “Compare how great America was just two years ago, with today.”

In his post, Trump explained that under his administration, gas was $1.87 at one point and that America enjoyed “Energy Independence” and would have eventually had “Energy DOMINANCE.”

While the Biden administration has watched as the U.S. reached record inflation, Trump reminded Americans that there was “no inflation” under his leadership.

Turning to another major issue facing the United States, the 45th president added, “The WAR with Russia going into Ukraine would NEVER have happened (zero chance!)” The Trump administration focused on a strong military to deter Russian aggression. However, under Biden’s weak leadership, Russia seized the opportunity to invade Ukraine.

Additionally, Trump explained that if he were still in office, the U.S. military would have left Afghanistan with “dignity and strength.” He said the Biden administration’s policies resulted in “surrender, death, and 85 Billion Dollars worth of equipment left to the enemy.”

Trump concluded his remarks by reminding the American people of his other major achievements during his administration. He wrote, “Biggest Tax and Reg Cuts EVER, historic Jobs numbers, and so much more!”

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