Trump TROUNCES rivals in GOP primary polling, garners MOST endorsements

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

As the 2024 presidential campaign season has begun in earnest, President Donald Trump is yet again demonstrating his domination over a field of GOP rivals going into the Republican primary election next year.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump has easily garnered the most endorsements in the race for the White House, coming in with 280 points in their weighted poll system. In that same poll, DeSantis had 39 points.

For reference, FiveThirtyEight’s polling system was weighted by the “prominence of each endorser.” For example, they gave 10 points for the endorsement of each former president or vice president, 8 points for governors, and 6 points for senators.

Trump also gained by leaps and bounds in a mainstream NBC News poll, which showed the 45th president up by 5 points from April, dominating his political opponent, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., with 51 percent of GOP voters’ support against the governor’s 22 percent.

Former Vice President Mike Pence netted just 7 percent of support in their poll, while former Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley netted 4 percent.

In an online Twitter poll from Interactive Polls that asked respondents who they thought had the “best chance of winning the 2024 Presidential Election,” a whopping 77.7 percent of people indicated that they believed President Trump had the best chance.

Gov. DeSantis earned 22.3 percent in their survey.

Similarly, a Yahoo/YouGov poll additionally found that when asked who had the “best chance” of winning the presidential election in 2024, 54 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents felt that Trump was the best choice compared to DeSantis at 28 percent.  

President Trump also reigned supreme in a recent Emerson College poll that tracked GOP primary voters in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Via their data, Trump took a monstrous 59 percent of the vote against DeSantis’s 21 percent, giving the president a staggering 38-point lead.

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