Trump: U.S. currency potentially losing supremacy would be ‘like losing a world war’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump delivered a somber warning this week while speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson about the dangerous downward spiral of the U.S. dollar as the world’s currency standard.

“China wants to change the standard – the currency standard,” Trump explained. “And if that happens, that’s like losing a world war. We’ll be a second-tier country; we’ll literally be a second-tier country if that happens.”

He continued, “Now, you’re losing Brazil, you’re losing Colombia, South America, you’re losing Iran, you’ve lost it. You lost Russia, and if you haven’t lost them yet you’re going to lose them. China’s on the yuan, so, China’s gone.”

As reported by RSBN, major foreign countries like China, Russia, and Brazil will no longer be trading in U.S. currency, further weakening the fragile state of the American dollar.

“If we lose our currency, that’s the equivalent of losing a world war,” Trump reiterated. “Our currency is what makes us powerful and strong – and this was unthinkable during the Trump administration.”

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Trump impressed the Fox News host, who called the 45th president’s knowledge and understanding of foreign affairs “nuanced and sophisticated.”

Last week, President Trump warned of the impending doom surrounding the demise of the American dollar, stating, “Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world’s standard…that will take us away from being even a great power.”

He added in a recent Truth Social statement that China was posturing to “displace” the U.S. dollar as the standard of global currency. “If this happens, and under Biden’s leadership it probably will, this would be the biggest defeat for our Country in its history,” he wrote. “We will be reduced to SECOND TIER STATUS. AMAZING. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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