Trump: ‘Unthinkable’ that families can’t get baby formula for their children

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump slammed the baby formula shortage sweeping the United States, calling it “unthinkable” in a new statement made through his Save America PAC.

“It is unthinkable that in the year 2022 American families are unable to get baby formulas for their children,” he stated on Friday. “Families whose children have serious allergies and require ‘elemental’ formula are in even more desperate and dire straits.”

Families across America are experiencing yet another supply chain problem under the Biden administration, as mothers and fathers are struggling to find baby formula on grocery store shelves.

“The Democrats are sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, yet America’s parents are struggling to even feed their children,” the 45th president said. “There is a massive formula shortage, but no one is talking about it—it is a national disgrace.”

Earlier this week, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., eviscerated Congress for voting to send $40 billion to Ukraine instead of dealing with the crisis at home. “You can’t find baby formula in the United States right now but Congress is voting today to send $40 billion to Ukraine,” he stated. “Let’s put America First for a change.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is currently the lone wolf in Congress who is blocking the passage of the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, according to a report from the New York Post.

Paul stated on Twitter: “My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation. Congress is trying yet again to ram through a spending bill – one that I doubt anyone has actually read – and there’s no oversight included into how the money is being spent.”

President Trump concluded, “The pain that mothers and fathers are going through who literally cannot get nutrition for their newborns and infants is a mark of eternal shame on the Democrat Party. America First!”

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