Trump vows to eliminate toxic DEI from federal agencies and schools

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump promised to stand behind the Supreme Court’s recent decision to declare affirmative action college admissions unconstitutional in a landmark ruling in June.

On Friday, the president vowed to enforce the ruling from SCOTUS while delivering remarks to the Moms for Liberty: Joyful Warrior National Summit.

Trump promised, “To rigorously enforce yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, I will eliminate all ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ programs across the entire federal government. And I will direct the DOJ to pursue Civil Rights claims against any school, corporation, or university that engages in unlawful racial discrimination. We will restore a society based on Equality, Liberty, and MERIT.”

“We’re back with the merit, can you believe it?” he quipped.

“Furthermore I will implement massive funding preferences that make the following revolutionary reforms in education,” he explained.

The reforms he listed included:

  • Abolishing tenure for teachers grade K-12,
  • Adopting merit-pay,
  • Complete curriculum transparency so that parents have access to what their children are being taught,
  • Adopting a program of universal school choice.

President Trump additionally promised to fight for the “direct election” of school principles.

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