Trump vows to hold CNN accountable for its ‘willful deception’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump dropped a bombshell on CNN with a massive defamation lawsuit he filed against the network on Monday. The lawsuit comes on the heels of Trump’s previous warning that he would do so in July, promising to fight for the “truth” and for the “future of the country.”

Per RSBN, Trump is seeking $475 million in damages from the cable news network. In the filing, he railed against them for their alleged use of their influence to “defame the Plaintiff” for the purpose of “defeating him politically.”

Trump released an official statement regarding the lawsuit through his Save America PAC, clarifying:

“A lawsuit was filed today against CNN, the once prestigious news channel that has devolved into a purveyor of disinformation, defamation, and Fake News, at a level which the American Public, and indeed the World, will not even believe is possible. For years I have watched this take place, often in disbelief, but the time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters – People who love the United States of America, but have been treated very unfairly, at so many levels. ‘The Big Lie’ that they constantly refer to is actually ‘The Big Lie’ in reverse. They know that, and it will be proven in Court!”

The president also promised to file more lawsuits against a “large number of other Fake News Media Companies for their lies, defamation, and wrongdoing.” He highlighted the issue of “The Big Lie,” which is a common mainstream term used to deflect from the evidence of election fraud in 2020.

Trump’s full statement on the lawsuit

However, defamation and disinformation are not the only issues that Trump is promising to go after. He also shared in his statement that he might bring “appropriate action” against the partisan Jan. 6 Committee for its refusal to investigate election fraud. The 45th president wrote that he “recommended and authorized thousands of troops to be deployed to ensure that there was peace, safety, and security at the Capitol and throughout the Country.”

“I am proud to file today’s lawsuit in order to begin the process of standing up to Fake News and the Mainstream Media,” Trump concluded.

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