Trump vows to implement four-year plan ‘to gain total independence from China’

by Summer Lane

President Trump promised to hit China where it counts on Monday night, vowing to implement a policy plan that would elevate the power of American trade and phase out Chinese imports.

Trump’s comments were made during remarks delivered in Davenport, Iowa.

“I will implement a four-year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods and gain total independence from China,” he said, drawing cheers of support from the crowd.

He also promised to “hold the Chinese Communist Party for unleashing the China Virus upon the world.”

In a riveting speech that touched on several of his key policy pitches in his 2024 platform, Agenda47, Trump also told the audience that he would revoke China’s “favored nation trade status…they don’t need help, they’re doing just fine.”

The Davenport event was packed, with thousands of people gathered inside the Adler Theater to hear President Trump speak. Hundreds more gathered outside.

President Trump’s comments about China align with his Agenda47 plan which has promised to do the following, as reported by RSBN:

  • “Impose tariffs on foreign producers rather than raising taxes on American citizens. The tariffs ‘will increase incrementally if other countries manipulate their currency or otherwise engage in unfair trading practices,’
  • Ban federal contracts for companies that outsource to China and establish new rules to halt U.S. companies from investing in China,
  • Stop China from buying up American land.”

He also stated in February that his agenda would “tax CHINA to build up AMERICA.”

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