Trump vows to ‘make America safe again’ amid rising crime

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a strong stance on crime Friday night, criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border and calling for stricter punishments for those who sell illicit drugs.

“If we are going to Make America Great Again, our first task is to make America safe again,” Trump said while speaking at a campaign event in Las Vegas. President Trump was in Nevada to give remarks supporting Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo and U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt.

Noting that one growing problem America faces is the illegal drugs being smuggled across the open southern border, Trump offered a controversial solution. The 45th president held that the crime of selling those drugs should be punishable by death due to the magnitude of deaths drug dealers are ultimately responsible for.

“We must also have the death penalty for those who kill police officers as well as those who kill for human trafficking,” he added.

The president also said, to more effectively combat the “cesspool of crime” around the country, “We have to give police back their authority, their power, and their prestige.”

The president’s remarks come amid a growing crisis along the southern border that, just this week, several Texas counties said amounted to an invasion.

Last week, the Supreme Court also addressed the issue, ruling that the Biden administration could legally end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring migrants seeking asylum to stay in Mexico throughout their immigration proceedings.

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