Trump vows to reclaim the ‘corridors’ of Washington D.C. for the PEOPLE

by Summer Lane

President Trump promised to take back Washington D.C. from the political elite during his presidential campaign announcement speech on Tuesday night, vowing to reclaim the corridors of our nation’s capital from the radical left Democrats.

“These are OUR corridors,” he said. “We are coming to take those corridors back.”

The 45th president delivered inspiring and serious remarks at his home, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, stirring patriotism among the audience and giving MAGA supporters the long-awaited announcement they had been longing for.

While lambasting the devastation inflicted upon Americans by Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats, Trump strongly added, “WE ARE HERE TONIGHT TO DECLARE THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!”

He pointed out that, “two years ago, we were a great nation,” but added, “soon we will be a great nation again.”

Trump also added that he believed that the American people would “overwhelmingly reject the left’s platform of national ruin” in 2024.

“This will not be MY campaign,” he went on. “This will be OUR campaign ALL TOGETHER.”

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