Trump warns of possible ‘major war in Europe’ amid ‘appalling’ Russian attack on Ukraine

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump gave a powerful speech on Saturday night at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, ripping Joe Biden for turning “calm into chaos” and “competence into incompetence” as the world watches the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfold.

“When you have a weak president who’s not respected by other nations, you have a very chaotic world, and the world hasn’t been this chaotic since World War II,” Trump told the audience.

Additionally, the 45th president decried the “horrific disaster” of the conflict in Eastern Europe, warning that “a major war in Europe may very well erupt…this is how they start.” The debacle is “appalling,” he said, “it’s an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur.”

Throughout his speech, Trump reminded the crowd that while he was in office, the United States was powerful and respected by the world powers, including leaders like Vladimir Putin.

“Putin is playing Biden like a drum,” Trump remarked. “It’s not a pretty thing to watch.” He also said that while in the White House, “You can be tough and get along. [Putin] understood me, and he understood that I didn’t play games.”

The 45th president also pointed out that while Russia invades Ukraine, Moscow stands to increase its wealth.

“This is the only attack in history…the further he [Putin] goes…the more money he makes, because oil prices keep climbing higher and higher and higher,” Trump said. “It’s a disincentive for him to disengage.”  

President Trump’s speech was targeted, pointed, and, at times, even solemn, stirring up conservatives and rousing them to the battle for American freedom.

The president’s inspiring remarks at CPAC showed his supporters that he is still very invested in the fight for American freedom and greatness, promising, “The work of making America great again is only just beginning.”

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