Trump warns political opponents to be ‘careful what you wish for’ in wake of relentless legal attacks

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump laid it out over the weekend on Truth Social, criticizing the “Crooked Joe Biden Campaign” for creating a new methodology of political campaigning that the president called a “Banana Republic way of thinking.”

He explained, “The Crooked Joe Biden Campaign has thrown so many Indictments and lawsuits against me that Republicans are already thinking about what we are going to do to Biden and the Communists when it’s our turn.”

This year, Trump has been indicted on four major cases. Last month, he was arrested and processed at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia in a 41-count indictment related to issues of alleged election interference.

The president warned that his political opponents had created a new standard of political skirmishing. He wrote, “They have started a whole new Banana Republic way of thinking about political campaigns. So cheap and dirty, but that’s where America is right now. Be careful what you wish for!”

However, the president has remained optimistic despite what has happened to him over the past few months regarding legal attacks, insisting that “WE WILL WIN & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Last week, Trump urged Republican district attorneys and attorneys general in America to toughen up and embrace an “eye for eye” strategy in the face of the rampant politicization of the levels of justice in the U.S.

“I hope that Republican district attorneys and attorneys general throughout the country are closely watching the tremendous weaponization of justice that is being utilized against me. There’s NEVER been anything like it,” he remarked.

This week, Trump called out the “indictments and lawsuits against me” as “Election Interference” and stated that it was the Biden campaign’s “new way of Rigging the Election.”

He vowed, “The Fascists & Marxists are destroying our once great Country but, WE WILL WIN & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

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