Trump WAY ahead of DeSantis as Florida governor’s campaign stagnates

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump is a runaway train in the 2024 GOP primary election, increasing his lead among GOP voters with unstoppable forward momentum.

New polling data for the 2024 presidential primary nomination has shown the president’s dominance over Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

Unfortunately for DeSantis, he has failed to drum up national support among the GOP electorate against President Trump. A new GOP post-debate poll from Kaplan Strategies showed Trump with a 32-point lead over the primary field of candidates. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy netted the position of runner-up, gaining two points and netting 13 percent of support.

In their poll, DeSantis failed to gain any momentum, remaining static at 10 percent of GOP support.

The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll additionally spelled good news for Trump and bad news for DeSantis, with the president getting the lion’s share of Republican voters’ support in the wake of the primary debate, despite not having attended the event.

Trump scored 52 percent of support in their post-debate survey of Republican respondents, while DeSantis only held on to 13 percent of support. In their poll, Trump actually gained five points from early August.

DeSantis has been feeling the heat over the past few weeks as he has been steadily chased down by Ramaswamy, a new political power player in the Republican arena. Another post-debate poll of primary voters from Cygnal again showed that Ramaswamy had edged out DeSantis for the position of runner-up, netting 15 percent of support against DeSantis’s 12 percent.

Trump, of course, maintained his lead with 42 percent of support in their survey.

On Monday, the 45th president strongly suggested on Truth Social that DeSantis might soon be “dropping out of the Presidential race” in light of “crashed” poll numbers.

Trump said that there were rumors “in political circles” that DeSantis would drop out of the presidential race and run against Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., for a Florida Senate seat.

“Now that’s an interesting one, isn’t it?” Trump remarked.

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