Trump wins AGAIN: Illinois Board of Elections votes to keep Trump on 2024 ballot

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump enjoyed another victory on Tuesday when the Illinois State Board of Elections voted to keep him on the state’s 2024 primary ballot amid an onslaught of cases attempting to remove him.

President Donald Trump acknowledged the decision on Truth Social. He wrote, “Thank you to the Illinois State Board of Elections for ruling 8-0 in protecting the Citizens of our Country from the Radical Left Lunatics who are trying to destroy it.”

He added, “The VOTE was in 8-0 in favor of keeping your favorite President (ME!), on the Ballot. I love Illinois. Make America Great Again!”

According to The Epoch Times, the petition to remove Trump in Illinois originated from Free Speech for People.

This group has been arguing in several legal venues that Trump is somehow ineligible to serve in public office based on the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Based on this logic, they are asking for Trump’s name to be removed from the 2024 ballot.

According to The Epoch Times, the Illinois State Board of Elections dismissed the challenge on the recommendation of the board’s general counsel.

Former Judge Clark Erickson wrote in his recommendation following a hearing with Free Speech for People and Trump’s attorneys: “Illinois law, including the Supreme Court decisions of Goodman and Delgado prohibit the Election Board from addressing issues involving constitutional analysis.”

This week, President Trump also won a big victory in Massachusetts, where Supreme Judicial Court Justice Frank Gaziano denied a petition that was asking for Trump to be deemed ineligible to appear on the state’s 2024 primary ballot.

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