Trump wins over former critic who now lauds his stance on the economy and border

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

Former Republican critic of President Trump and former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has publicly endorsed President Trump and praised how he has handled border security and the economy. 

In a 20-part thread on X, reported by The Messenger, Jindal praised President Trump and how much he had achieved in border security before the Biden Administration changed the border policies.

He wrote, “Trump fought to secure our border, and it was becoming more secure during his tenure.” Jindal criticizes the current border security, saying, “The Biden administration has adopted reckless border policies that have resulted in chaos in some of our largest cities and allowed the spread of deadly illegal drugs across the country.”

Jindal, who was a fierce critic of President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, has now publicly expressed his full endorsement of President Trump. Jindal wrote, “I just had a great conversation with President Trump, and I told him that he has my full and complete endorsement to win back the White House and Make America Great Again!”  

On top of that, Jindal listed many reasons why he fully and completely endorsed President Trump. For the first reason, Jindal refers to President Trump’s dealings with the Middle East, specifically his tough stance on dealing with Iran, referring to Joe Biden’s controversial $6 billion deal with Iran, which is believed to have funded Hamas, and now American citizens are worried that World War III is looming.

Jindal wrote, “He cut off taxpayer funding to terrorists supporting Palestinians, and he stood unapologetically with Israel. That’s the clarity of thought and leadership we need right now.”

Jindal also wrote about President Trump’s dealings with China and how he fought to make America less dependent on foreign countries to improve the economy.

He said, “Trump was the first president to correctly identify China as America’s top security threat and the first to insist we stop subsidizing our competitors through one-sided trade deals.”

Recently, President Trump slammed the Biden administration’s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), claiming China controls them.  

In closing, Jindal called President Trump a warrior that America needs: “Trump may not be warm and cuddly, but he is a warrior, and that is what we need right now.” 

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