Trump’s 11-point plan to ‘Make America GREAT Again for young people’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s popularity among young people has soared ahead of 2024, and for good reason: life under Joe Biden has put an enormous burden on Gen Z and Millennials. Prices are higher than ever, crime has risen exponentially, and the country is perched on the edge of World War III.

In a pointed and hopeful editorial penned for Newsweek, President Donald Trump discussed these chilling realities and more, offering insight into America’s problems and presenting a forward-thinking agenda to recapture greatness for today’s youth.

In his op-ed, he pointed out that gas prices have reached all-time highs, and mortgages “are pushing a brutal seven percent – making home ownership out of reach for countless young Americans.”

He cited a new poll from NBC News, pointing out his four-point lead against Biden among voters ages 18 to 34, reflecting his gains with young Americans nationwide.

In September, an impressive poll from The Washington Post/ABC found that Trump was leading over Biden by a whopping 20 points among voters under 35, for example.

President Trump described the favorable poll numbers as “a clear sign that young Americans are rejecting Joe Biden’s reign of failure, incompetence, and corruption.”

He pointed out his administration’s success, reminding Americans of the “record low” mortgage rates (2.65 percent), barely-there inflationary rates, and $1.87 per gallon gas.

“The U.S. economy had never been better for young Americans, but for the past three years, young people have borne the heavy costs of the failed Biden agenda: crippling inflation, soaring prices, skyrocketing interest rates, unaffordable housing, and escalating crime,” he wrote.

As president again in 2025, Trump laid out an 11-point agenda that would bring back hope, dreams, and prosperity for young people again. Here are his 11 points:

  • Rebuilding the “greatest economy in the history of the world so that young people can thrive and prosper,”
  • Put an end to “Joe Biden’s inflation nightmare,”
  • Focus on energy independence/energy production,
  • Reduce government spending,
  • Lower interest rates “so that young people can once again afford to start a family, buy a home, and plan for a great future – the basic building blocks of the American Dream,”
  • Restore law and order,
  • Restore authority and respect for law enforcement,
  • End the rash of “Radical Marxist prosecutors surrendering our cities to violent criminals,”
  • Secure the southern border,
  • End “the scourge of drug addiction once and for all,”
  • Sign an executive order to withhold federal funds for schools caught “pushing far-left content on our children.”

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