Trump’s endorsement record reaches 55-0 in 2022 alone

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

Tuesday’s massive victory for Trump-endorsed candidates across Ohio and Indiana sends a clear reminder that President Donald Trump continues to have an unmatched influence on who Republican voters cast ballots for at the polls.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump’s 2022 Republican primary election record has reached an impressive 55-0 after a streak of wins in Texas, Ohio, and Indiana. This record does not include the many victories of candidates he has endorsed in previous years.

This year, all of Trump’s endorsements have either won their primary elections or have advanced to runoff elections in their respective races.

After results were announced in crucial contests throughout Ohio and Indiana, former White House Political Director Brian Jack told the outlet, “President Trump’s historic endorsement streak of success continues unabated.”

The highly anticipated Republican primary race for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat dominated headlines Tuesday night, as J.D. Vance won against a crowded field of Republican candidates. Ohio’s Senate primary race was viewed as a strong test of the 45th president’s endorsement, especially given the fact that Vance trailed in the race before receiving the stamp of approval.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich told Fox News, “It was the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump that took a candidate who many insiders said was in 4th and at single digits in the polls, and in only two weeks, propelled him into a commanding first place finish.”

Trump’s perfect record of endorsements in 2022 shows that his America First platform continues to powerfully resonate with the American people.

The 45th president has had tremendous success in this year’s primary elections thus far, and his endorsements will likely determine the outcome of the upcoming primaries in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

On Tuesday, May 17, Republican voters in Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to vote for Dr. Mehmet Oz to represent them in the U.S. Senate. On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, David Perdue will face Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia’s gubernatorial race.

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