Trump’s position is ‘much more dominant’ according to Bush-Cheney Chief Specialist 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

Matthew Dowd, who was a chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 presidential campaign, has weighed in on President Trump’s position in the polls. Dowd expressed his opinion that President Trump is much more dominant in the current presidential campaign than he was in 2015.

Dowd took a look at President Trump’s position during the 2015/2016 presidential campaign and the current one and saw a clear increase in how well President Trump is performing. Breitbart reported what Dowd had told MSNBC’s “Lindsey Reiser Reports” about what he thought about President Trump’s position in the polls.

“Eight years ago, when Donald Trump first ran, Donald Trump was at 14% or 15% in the polls. Today, he is at 50% or 60% in the polls. He is in a much more dominant position, Donald Trump, than he was in 2015 and 2016 when he still won the nomination in this process.”

Matthew Dowd to MSNBC’s “Lindsey Reiser Reports”

He then addressed why he thought other candidates are not as high up in the polls as President Trump. He said, “It’s not about them. Will some external event happen, something – some legal cause or something else happen that gives them a window where they can actually succeed.” 

President Trump’s lead in the polls pulls further ahead after his massive rally in Pickens, South Carolina, on Saturday. President Trump addressed a crowd of at least 50,000 people where he encouraged the supporters of MAGA to “charge forward to victory.”

Furthermore, President Trump posted on Truth Social today, as reported by RSBN, what he wanted American citizens to do. He said, “DO THE PEOPLE OF THIS ONCE GREAT NATION EVEN HAVE A CHOICE BUT TO PROTEST THE POTENTIAL DOOM OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? 2024!!!

President Trump’s next rally is set for this Friday at Council Bluffs, Iowa, which may increase his position in the polls if past rallies are anything to go by on.  

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