Trump’s prisoner exchange record stands strong compared to Biden’s Russia fiasco

by Preston Parra

Op-ed by Preston Parra | Photo: Alamy

During Donald Trump’s time in office, “The Art of the Deal” truly guided his foreign policy, especially concerning the return of American citizens imprisoned abroad on trumped-up charges.

In many cases, the 45th president could secure the prisoners’ return and stand strong in our national interests due to his no-holds-barred approach to diplomacy. Many of the techniques that Trump employed while calling foreign leaders to get his citizens back home were tactics that he first made use of at the beginning of his career.

When it comes to Joe Biden’s presidency, it seems that he carries a very different standing on the global stage. Many world leaders have been seen laughing and even turning their back on the visibly feeble president. Biden’s authority is virtually nonexistent in the wake of the recent prisoner exchange held between the U.S. and Russia for WNBA athlete Brittney Griner for notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, affiliated with targeting the lives of Americans.

However, the America First president carries an ironclad fist in practically every deal he makes, whether it be business or official state matters. For that reason, leaders worldwide knew that he would not make a threat without following through.

Prime examples of President Trump’s negotiation prowess on the world stage include the following:

  1. American rapper A$AP Rocky’s confinement to a Swedish jail after being charged with assault is a notable example of Trump’s iron fist negotiating skills. Subsequently, rumors began circulating that the MAGA president went as far as threatening a trade war against Sweden, to which Rocky was quickly released, per Business Insider.
  2. Andrew Brunson was imprisoned in Turkey after being accused of terrorism in the recent days of an attempt to overthrow the government in 2016. President Trump swiftly placed sanctions on the Turkish government, which resulted in the American national being released, BBC reported. Brunson later told President Trump, “I was held in Turkey for two years and you took unprecedented steps to secure my release and your administration really fought for me and I think if you hadn’t done that, I still may be in Turkey.”
  3. Michael White, who served as a U.S. Navy officer, was put into an Iranian prison in Mashhad while on a trip to visit his girlfriend, NBC reported. President Trump successfully negotiated the return of an Iranian doctor in exchange for the release of White.
  4. Sam Goodwin, an American citizen, had a goal to visit every country in the world when he was captured by unknown captors in Syria. Donald Trump arranged his release with Lebanese internal security, although it was never determined who his captors were. Goodwin later appeared at the White House to meet President Trump along with some of the previous former captives mentioned, per NBC.

Trump’s success in retrieving Americans imprisoned abroad at little risk to our own security is a testament to his renowned approach to diplomacy that presented America with dominance during his time in office.

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