Trump’s visit to East Palestine garners staggering viewership

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

As Joe Biden jetted to foreign countries this week, President Donald Trump delivered much-needed aid to the devastated community of East Palestine, Ohio in the wake of the toxic chemical train disaster.

The visit was highly anticipated, drawing millions of online viewers. On Thursday, the president shared a “viewership report” on Truth Social that illustrated how many people tuned in to see him visit Ohio on both social media and via traditional media coverage.

According to the report shared by Trump, the total number of people who saw both social coverage and traditional coverage of his visit clocked in at a staggering 178,052,414. Per the report, 144,037,338 social media users saw coverage of the Ohio visit, while 34,015,076 people saw coverage via traditional media tributaries.

The overview stated: “This report searched for the term ‘East Palestine’ + ‘Trump[.]’ what you will see is while traditional outlets like Fox News are woefully derelict in their reporting what you did, the word is still getting out there in a big way. Specifically, when the announcement was made last week there was a bump in coverage reaching about 2 million on social channels and 10 million on other channels.”

Additionally, the report noted that the numbers this Wednesday “were off the charts with incredible reach, 144MM on social with 34MM in other channels.” It added, “The visit meant a lot for the people of East Palestine and the surrounding communities. The trip gave them hope and raised the awareness needed to combat the incompetence of the Biden Administration.”

Per RSBN, Trump’s visit to Ohio delivered hope to the beleaguered residents of the community, whose lives have been affected by the toxic chemicals that have allegedly poisoned their water and affected their quality of life.

According to a press statement from President Trump:

“While on the ground in East Palestine, President Trump met with members of the police and fire departments, first responders, local and statewide officials, and residents to pledge his support for the community and to always fight on their behalf.”

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance (R) also thanked the president for coming and “shining a light” on the people affected by the disaster. “We can’t forget about the people of East Palestine,” he said. “We need to finish the clean-up effort. That’s the most important thing.”

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