Truth Social now available to download on app store

by Grace Saldana

With no further ado, Truth Social, President Trump’s social media platform, has gone LIVE on the Apple App Store for download weeks ahead of its estimated release date.

After an iconic launch early in the morning on Presidents’ Day, iPhone users worldwide may now download the Truth Social app to express freedom of speech online.

The app, which has an aesthetically pleasing interface, makes it easy to create posts, share them, and connect with others. To make a post, just click the “TRUTH” button.

Unlike other free speech platforms that have failed to gain traction in the past due to Big Tech, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes has indicated that they are built to withstand de-platforming.

Although the mainstream media was quick to wage attacks on the brand new platform, Truth Social is holding up well with the influx of users that joined. The company is fully staffed with coders and developers who are working to resolve any glitches and interface issues that may arise while it gets its bearings.

Join us @RSBN on Truth Social, the new home for conservatives to speak freely!

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