Tucker asks Trump if ‘Epstein killed himself’

by Joshua Perry

Tucker Carlson asked President Trump on Wednesday night in an interview if there was foul play surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Carlson prefaces the question with a recount of Former United States Attorney General Bill Barr’s biography, stating that Barr lied about “Jeffrey Epstein’s death.”

Concreting the point, Carlson followed up by saying that it was an obvious fabrication of the truth.

With curiosity, Carlson asked Trump, “Do you think Epstein killed himself?” President Trump was articulate and timely in his response when he said, “I don’t know, he was a fixture in Palm Beach.” Tucker informed Trump that Barr stated that Esptien’s death was pure suicide.

Doubts surround the case due to the lack of an investigation. Emphatically, Carlson stated that “clearly Barr knew” and asked why Bill Barr was “covering up the death of Jeffrey Epstein?”

In response, Trump reminded Tucker that Bill Barr was the same person who failed to conduct an investigation into the “election fraud.”

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