Tucker interview: Trump talks ‘spirit, passion, and love’ on Jan. 6

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night in an interview that the media does not tell the truth about Jan. 6.

Trump was recounting the number of speeches he’s given and stated that the Jan. 6 crowd was the largest audience he’s ever addressed.

Trump reiterated the “peacefully and patriotically” themed message of that day. However, in an attempt to smear him, “nobody ever” explains how he encouraged Americans to show actions of peace.

Moreover, Trump said that “people in that crowd” described the historic rally as the “most beautiful day they’ve ever experienced.” Continuing, most of the audience bonded with “love and unity,” Trump said.

On one hand, President Trump shared how Americans’ “spirit, passion, and love” were unmatched during the event. In contrast, President Trump expressed that he had never seen such “hatred” from the same group of people because of what Democrats have “done to our country.”

President Trump concluded the interview by saying that America is overwhelmed by a level of “passion” and “hatred” that he’s never before witnessed.

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