Tucker: Trump is ‘right,’ ‘everyone in Washington is wrong’

by Joshua Perry

Tucker Carlson stated that President Trump is the “most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years,” in Friday’s episode of Russell Brand’s “Stay Free” podcast.

The comment was flanked by high praise for the 45th president after Brand asked Carlson his thoughts on Trump. “I love Trump,” said the former Fox News host.

Following this, Carlson expressed his gratitude for Trump “because he reoriented the Republican Party against the Republican leaders.” Prior to Trump, the GOP was known for its interventionalist policies, but Trump reversed the party’s direction with his America First agenda.

Additionally, Carlson said that he was “struck” by Trump’s views on foreign policy. Referencing the war in Ukraine, Carlson stated that Trump is the only Republican with “stature” questioning support for America to intervene.

During a CNN town hall, President Trump refused the false idea that one must side with Ukraine or Russia to oppose the conflict.

“I don’t think in terms of winning or losing…I think in terms of getting it settled,” said Trump. Continuing, CNN host Kaitlan Collins pressed him on the issue again to which Trump replied, “I want everybody to stop DYING. They’re DYING. Russians and Ukrainians. I want ’em to stop dying.”

Confidently, President Trump has predicted that he can end the war in a day.

Refraining from making predictions about the Republican primary and the 2024 election, Carlson voiced that he is “so grateful” for Trump’s diplomacy approach towards the warfare between the two countries.

According to Carlson, Trump “is right. And everyone in Washington is wrong.”

In addition, Carlson explained how the war is transforming the world, impacting global economies, and modifying regions through immigration.

Furthermore, the media personality exclaimed that “words matter” regardless if Trump is the Republican nominee or the 47th president. Further, he asserted that “Saying something true out loud matters, and he is saying true things about Ukraine and God bless him,” he said. That’s how I feel,” added Carlson.

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