U.S. political preferences swing STRONGLY to the GOP in 2021, poll finds

by Summer Lane

Amidst a devastating economic landscape in 2021, thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous legislation and absentee leadership, a new poll from Gallup has found that Americans have shifted their political party preference from Democrat to Republican by 14 points.

According to the new report, Gallup found that the normal nine-point advantage held by those identifying as Democrats was trounced by a five-point Republican lead in the fourth quarter of 2021. This comes in light of Joe Biden’s humiliating job approval rating, which, according to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, has plummeted to just 33 percent, a catastrophic low for someone who has only been in office for one year.

Additionally, it appears that this momentous swing toward the GOP in terms of party preference is largely being driven by Americans’ rejection of Joe Biden and his policies, such as the tyrannical vaccine mandates, one of which was struck down last week by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Further, Joe Biden’s administration fumbled the proverbial ball so badly with the 2021 withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan that many Americans are still feeling the collective, national sting of seeing 13 U.S. soldiers die in Kabul last summer.

Even worse, billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment were seized by the Taliban, thanks to Biden’s gutless approach to pulling troops out. President Donald Trump referred to Biden’s catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal as a display of “weakness, humiliation, and putting America last” in 2021, and it seems as if many Americans agree.

Another likely factor in Democrat voters swinging to a GOP party preference is the staggering inflation consuming the nation today. As people are bowing under the weight of insanely steep prices and sharing pictures on social media of bare grocery-store shelves, a previous report from RSBN revealed that inflation under Joe Biden has spiked to an all-time high that has not been seen in almost 40 years.

With a busy 2022 midterm season ahead, Americans are clearly looking for alternative solutions to Democrats’ empty promises and totalitarian legislation. During a Save America Rally on Saturday in Florence, Ariz., President Trump spoke about the shifting political winds in the country. “We are going to take back America,” he promised. “And in 2024, we are going to take back the White House.”

With polls, like Gallup, showing the GOP gaining on all fronts with American voters, it looks like President Trump’s prediction is set to come true.  

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