U.S. Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan Over 90% Complete

by Bailee Hill

The American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, a deal initially negotiated by the Trump administration, is more than 90% complete according to the U.S. Central Command.

The U.S. Central Command made the announcement on Tuesday, just days after U.S. forces vacated Bagram Air Base, which was the largest American base in the country.

At its height in 2012, around 100,000 military personnel went through Bagram as the intensity of the war against terror ramped up.

The military also announced on Tuesday that roughly 17,000 pieces of equipment will be destroyed, 980 loads of other material have been removed from the country, and seven military installations have also been handed over to the Afghan government in the process.

The news comes just months after Biden announced he will continue with the troop withdrawal, which is expected to be complete by September 11.

Despite this decision, President Trump and his administration are responsible for negotiating the deal which originally had a deadline of May 1.

The deal, brokered in 2020, mandated the removal of American forces from the country and in exchange, the Taliban agreed to cease attacks and cut ties with Al Qaeda.

According to the Pentagon, a few hundred troops are expected to remain in the nation to provide security for the American embassy and diplomats while also providing counter-terrorism support.

The withdrawal is expected to be complete near the end of August.

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