Voters favor TRUMP to run against Biden

by Elad Hakim

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump continues to climb in the polls with each passing day.  

According to InteractivePolls, referencing a recent Premise Poll, voters favored Trump over any other prospective Republican candidate to run against Joe Biden. Specifically, according to the poll, Trump was ahead of Biden, 47 percent to 41 percent. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced whether he intends to enter the race, was ahead of Biden 39 percent to 38 percent.   

Moreover, according to InteractivePolls, Trump’s numbers were much better than Biden’s on various issues after their first two years in office. Specifically, under Trump, the number of illegal border crossings was much lower, as were average gas prices per gallon and inflation rates. The stock market was also in much better shape under Trump.     

Trump has also increased his lead over DeSantis in a prospective one-on-one match-up. According to a recent McLaughlin and Associates poll, Trump leads DeSantis 61 percent to 31 percent, which is consistent with other polls reflecting Trump’s lead over all current or prospective Republican candidates.

Despite the various investigations surrounding President Trump, he continues to garner tremendous support.

Recently, Wyoming U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman, praised and endorsed Trump, stating in part, “I believe that Donald Trump was one of the best presidents of my lifetime. His policies were great for Wyoming and the Country as a whole.”

Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin also recently endorsed Trump.

In a tweet, Mullin called Trump the “strongest president in my lifetime” and further noted, “In just four years, President Trump delivered great results for the American people. He lowered taxes, secured American energy independence, protected our Second Amendment, and never backed down from the radical Left threatening our way of life.”

Trump is scheduled to hold his first 2024 campaign rally this Saturday in Waco, Texas.

Mr. Hakim is an attorney and columnist. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, and other online publications. He is also a regular guest on OANN’s Tipping Point, and has appeared on Newsmax, The Jenna Ellis Show, Steadfast and Loyal Podcast with Allen West, The Dave Weinbaum Show, and Real America’s Voice. The views expressed herein are the author’s own and do not constitute legal advice.   

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