What in the WORLD is happening in East Palestine, Ohio?

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

As Americans have turned their eyes to the skies in the last few weeks in the wake of three aerial objects visibly drifting over North America, the town of East Palestine, Ohio, has become the site of a cataclysmic disaster.

In early February, a massive train derailment involving chemical tankers took place, followed by the release of the toxic cargo into the air three days later, according to a report from CBS.

The release of the chemical load has caused a huge toxic cloud to form over the city, which some are calling an ecological disaster and “Chernobyl 2.0” on social media.

Per CBS, residents within a one mile radius of the disaster site were initially asked to evacuate. On Feb. 8, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (D) along with local, state, and federal officials, announced that the evacuated residents around East Palestine could return “safely” to their homes.

During a press conference scheduled for Gov. Mike DeWine on Feb. 8, a NewsNation reporter, Evan Lambert, was taken into custody after his news crew was allegedly told to “stop their live reporting” by State Highway Patrol Troopers and National Guardsmen, via Fox News.

Per their report, Gov. DeWine condemned the arrest in a statement made to the press: “I’m certainly very, very sorry that that happened. [Lambert] had every right to be reporting and do what they do every single day.”

However, despite the state’s move to lift the evacuation order, The New York Post reported that animals were becoming sick and even dying in the area around the Ohio train derailment, and that some residents in the vicinity have reported adverse reactions to the smoke and chemicals that were released into the air.

According to a report from KDKA2, hundreds of dead fish were also found in Leslie Run stream in East Palestine.

“East Palestine, Ohio is undergoing an ecological disaster bc authorities blew up the train derailment cars carrying hazardous chemicals and press are being arrested for trying to tell the story,” wrote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., on Twitter. “Oh but UFO’s! What is going on?”

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