Where to find RSBN’s live event coverage moving forward

by Grace Saldana

In light of the announcement of RSBN’s new livestream partnership with Rumble, many of our viewers have asked how they can continue to watch our coverage.

As of July 1, all of our livestreams, including President Trump’s rallies and speeches, will be aired only on RSBN’s Rumble channel, the RSBN mobile app, and our website.

We will no longer have full live coverage on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, although we will air limited portions of our Trump rally pre-show coverage on those platforms.

Please be aware that you can only access President Trump’s remarks LIVE on RSBN’s Rumble channel, mobile app, or website.

We encourage you all to join us on Rumble to help us defeat Big Tech censorship! For updates and notifications when we are LIVE, add your name to our email list at rsbnetwork.com/newsletter.

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