Winning again: Trump ‘ACED’ another cognitive exam

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump last week revealed that he had received an outstanding bill of health from his physician, Dr. Bruce A. Aronwald. The announcement came on Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, illustrating a stark contrast between the leadership capabilities of the two men.

President Trump dug into the results of his physical exam on Monday, expanding on the results of the cognitive test – marking the second time he has taken one in the last few years.

He wrote, “…and as reported, I just took a cognitive test as part of my Physical Exam, and ACED it. Also ACED (a perfect score!) one taken while in the White House.”

Trump slammed critics for accusing him of mixing up Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. He used his cognitive exam to hit back at such accusations.

“Biden should take one [a cognitive exam] so we can determine why he wants Open Borders, No Energy Independence, A Woke Military, High Inflation, No Voter I.D., Men playing In Women’s Sports, Only Electric Cars & Trucks, A Weaponized DOJ/FBI, and so many other CRAZY things!!” Trump continued.

Trump also explained that he “sarcastically” uses Obama’s name in Biden’s place “as an indication that others may actually be having a very big influence in running our Country…”

As reported by RSBN, Trump’s physician described the 45th president’s physical and cognitive exam results as “within the normal range” and “exceptional.”

Nationwide, President Trump is leading by wide margins in the upcoming Republican primary election season.

According to new data from Emerson College, Trump has netted 65 percent of support among Republican primary voters. Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who was once considered to be the strongest contender against Trump in the primary, fell to third place with just eight percent of national Republican support.

Since October, President Trump gained five more points in their poll.

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