Wisconsin voters pass two major election integrity initiatives

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Adobe Stock

Two important election integrity measures were passed by Wisconsin voters on April 2. 

Ballot question 1 banned private election funding, which has also been called “Zuckerbucks.” 

This was in response to the millions of dollars that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid into the state to influence the election outcome in 2020 favoring Joe Biden, per The Post Millennial.

Ballot Question 2 ensures that only state-authorized election officials are allowed to conduct elections.  

For nearly four years, election integrity concerns have been raised and addressed within multiple states. The results of Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election were highly contested due to a pause in vote counting on election night. President Trump has claimed he was leading until counting abruptly stopped and then resumed at 3:42 a.m. with an alleged vote “dump” that pushed Biden ahead, via the Daily Mail

Despite various lawsuits seeking to investigate the 2020 election results, the election was certified, and many of the cases were never given full attention by the courts. Americans who questioned the 2020 election results then shifted their focus to preventing election irregularities in the future. 

In 2022, RSBN reported that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled absentee ballot drop boxes illegal despite their use in 2020. The next year, RSBN reported that California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania had settled lawsuits with Judicial Watch, agreeing to clean up voter rolls and remove hundreds of thousands of names of ineligible voters.

Now, Wisconsin voters have passed two measures that are expected to further resecure their electoral process. Conservatives celebrated this win on X. Wisconsin native and CEO of X Strategies, Alex Bruesewitz, called it, “HUGE WIN FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY!”

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