LIVE: 13-Minute News Hour with Bobby Eberle – Monday, May 17, 2021


Monday, May 17, 2021: Join us live for “13-Minute News Hour”, hosted by Bobby Eberle – LIBERAL LOGIC? David Hogg’s CRAZY Reason for Wearing a Mask | Ep. 362 David Hogg, the liberal activist who tried to bring down Mike Lindell’s My Pillow company with a leftwing alternative, has the most ridiculous reason for continuing to wear a face mask. Hogg is fully vaccinated against covid, and the mask mandate has been lifted. But he says he will still wear a mask. Why?

The latest CDC mask update comes just as Joe Biden is facing mounting criticism on every front. The new CDC guidelines regarding those who have had the covid vaccine state that masks are no longer needed in most situations… unless, of course, you are a liberal.

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