Red White & Truth with Mike Crispi – Fauci Kills Dogs, Biden Kills Freedom Ft. Kari Lake 10/28/21

by Max Kleiber

Doctor Fauci, Joe Biden and everyone else the corporate media tells you to trust have not only been exposed this week as illegitimate frauds, but also as disgraceful human beings lacking any core morality. On this episode of RWT, we examine our freedoms being continually and senselly rolled back, the most bizarre new tax proposal in the history of our nation, and our local communities entrapped in destructive culture wars that Barack Obama falsely proclaims are merely “trumped up Republican talking points.” We also go one on one with Kari Lake, Trump endorsed Republican Governor Candidate for Arizona, to discuss the process of receiving the President’s endorsement, how she will lead her state and help lead the charge of saving this nation.


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