‘THE DEMS’ PLAN TO TURN AMERICA INTO THE NEXT CUBA’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday July 16, 2021


The arc of worldwide communism:  big countries succumb while survivors of small countries (Cuba, Vietnam) know better.  Who’s listening?  Not the crazed liberals & academics in America.  Not Bernie Sanders the Biden politburo member.  In Canada 45 Christian churches have burned under suspicious circumstances.  The Judaeo-Christian tradition is under siege.  Street violence abounds and not one democrat will say “violence is not the answer.”  Instead they are coming for our guns.  Critical Race Theory is prelude.  Holocaust didn’t start with gas chambers but with degradation such as what is happening to white children in school.  Biden bringing in U.N. human rights commission even though it is blacks committing the crimes.  Trump quotes MLK on the importance of character not skin color.  Asian Americans are important in fighting Critical Race Theory.  PLUS “The darkness of man’s inhumanity to man:  Massacres through time” – Oliver Cromwell killing the Irish; U.S. Civil War killing 600,000; The Revolutionary War (book by Wendy Smith of the Boston Globe); endless bloodshed in Russia and Central Europe; the Yang Tzu massacre in China; Thessalonia in Ancient Greece; 300,000 Armenians killed by Turkey;  the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Hutus & Tutsis in Africa; and of course Auschwitz   If you’re going to cry because someone called you an unkind name, consider the people who have really suffered throughout history.

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