Watch: Diamond & Silk Joined by: Geri Perna, Aunt of Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Matthew Perna 8/1/22

by RSBN Studio

Geri Perna who is the aunt of Matthew Perna, the young man who took his life this past February join Diamond and Silk to talk about the events surrounding his suicide.

Matthew Perna may have taken his last breath on February 25th, his death began in January 2021 after he was arrested, and a nightmare like no other began. It affected everyone in our family, but we proudly stood by his side.

Matt walked through an opened door into this Capitol building, a monument that has been called the People’s House. Standing here in front of this building does not give me a sense of pride; instead, it is replaced with a feeling of shame.

He did not break through any barriers; he walked in while Capitol police officers stood to the side. If he was not permitted inside the building, why didn’t they stop him and the others like him and turn them away? He chanted USA, USA as he recorded with his cell phone, making sure to stay within the velvet ropes. He harmed no one. He broke nothing. He stole nothing. He entered the Capitol almost 45 minutes after Congress had adjourned and evacuated. Yet he was charged with obstruction of Congress, a felony that drastically escalated his situation’s seriousness.

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